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Samsung Galaxy Y Indosat Spesifikasi

Samsung Galaxy Y Indosat Launching and Promo On October 22

Promo Samsung Galaxy Y Young Indosat Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy Y, the cheapest of Samsung Galaxy series.
The normal price of Samsung Galaxy Y Rp1.2 million Rupiah, but during the promotions will be discounted to become at Rp999,000 only.
Get FREE 2GB MicroSD and 3 months FREE Internet from Indosat for purchase at the time of Launching.

This promotion applies only at the Launch of Samsung Galaxy Y on October 22, 2011 in the following places:
Jakarta : Ex Plaza Indonesia Jakarta
Bandung : Cihampelas Walk
Makassar : Anjungan Pantai Losari
Malang : Malang Olympic Garden
Surabaya : Grand City Convex
Yogya : Parkir McD Sudirman
Limited supply, Terms and conditions apply. For more information, contact the Customer Center & Contact Center Samsung at 0800-1128888 (Toll Free) or 021-55997777 (hunting)

Details of Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung has embedded the Android OS, version 2.3 in its new phone. It is an entrant to their handsets lined up for young users. It is the new Samsung Galaxy Y and this touch-screen device is predicted to be so affordable that it can be fetched by a young user as his/her first smartphone mobile. It has all the elements to please the youngsters. It has a great design that makes it look stylish and smart. It is a touch-screen phone which is liked by them. It has good entertainment and multimedia functionality which further add to its charm. Most of all, it has Android on board. This operating platform will please them most when combined with the Touch Wiz UI 3.0
Specifications at glance:
-Gingerbread Android 2.3.5
- 3.0 inch LCD (resolution such as the Galaxy Mini)
- Processor 832 MHz (600MHz if Galaxy Mini)
- 2MP Camera (3.2MP if Galaxy Mini)
- RAM ROM yet another check on the web (tp estimate does resemble "Gal Sun around the 100-MB of available RAM & its flash memory between 256MB / 384 / 512 MB)
- 3G, Wifi, GPS
- Battery 1200 mAh

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