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HTC HD7 Antenna Death Grip Signal Solution No Need

HTC HD7 Antenna Antenna Signal Solution
HTC HD7 Antenna Death Grip Signal Solution No Need

HTC HD7 is facing the antenna issue just like iPhone4.
The HTC Windows 7 Phone rumored fot Death grip signal.
To counter the rumor, HTC release the statement about it:
"Quality in industrial design is of key importance to HTC. To ensure the best possible signal strength, antennas are placed in the area least likely to be covered by a person's face or hands while the phone is in use.
However, it is inevitable that a phone's signal strength will weaken a little when covered in its entirety by a user's palm or fingers. We test all of our phones extensively and are confident that under normal circumstances reception strength and performance will be more than sufficient for the operation of the phone when network coverage is also adequate."

HTC HD7 is a phone that combines the power of Windows 7 Phone with attractive design. HTC HD7 has dimensions 122 mm x 68 mm x 11.2 mm is driven by processor 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 output. For this phone storage capacity with up to 16 GB of internal memory and 576 MB of RAM and ROM512 MB. security features of this phone is located at a 5MP camera and kickstandnya feature that allows users to put your phone and enjoy hands-free movies.
The price of the gadget estimate about 6.5 million rupiah.

The antennagate was also happen to Apple that jolted by the signal issue of their iPhone 4.

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