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Lexus L11 dan L88 Support Bluetooth and TV Tunner

Lexus L11 dan L88 Support Bluetooth and TV Tunner

Two QWERTY phones Lexus L11 and Lexus L88 come with different character of each other.
Lexus L11 comes with advantage of cheapest QWERTY price claimed, while Lexus L88 advantage is a TV phone and support WiFI.
Lexus L11 equipment are for instance shortcut Facebook, video camera, slot microSD, Twitter, Ebuddy, camera, Bluetooth, support GPRS, and mp3/mp4.
Lexus L88 is QWERTY phone that equipped with TV Tunner and WiFi.
Lexus L11 costs only 499,000 rupiah up to 7 March 2010 from the normal price 649,000 rupiah, while Lexus L88 costs is about 1 million rupiah from normally 1.2 million rupiah.

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