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eTouch 505 Pro Handphone TV Murah

eTouch 505 Pro
eTouch 505 Pro With Shake motion sensor

eTouch 505 Pro is new phone TV from eTouch that was completed with Shake motion sensor that may the user to change wallpaper, channel FM radio, song, receive call, photo and video by only shaking it.
The main remarkable of eTouch 505 Pro are
-Shake motion sensor
-TV Tunner
-Dual On GSM
-Cheap phone
-FM Radio without headset
-Facebook, eBuddy (Chatting), browser Opera mini
For you who like to buy it, and you are in Surabaya, there is promo from eTocuh starting from 18-20 March 2010 at 13.00-19.00 WIB at Tunjungan Plaza 1 Surabaya, the price of this TV phone would cut down from 799,000 rupiah to 599,000 rupiah.

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