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IMO G910 And IMO B9000 Handphone Facebook & Chatting

IMO G910 And IMO B9000 Review, Design Looks Nokia E71 And BlackBerry Bold 9000

There are Facebook and chatting emerging such as Nexian NX-G900, and HT Mobil G30. IMO seems a like to join this market by offering its new handphone called IMO G910 and IMO B9000.
Even the design of IMO G910 and IMO B9000 has duplicated the well-known vendor, IMO G910 just like Nokia E71 and IMO B9000 looks a like BlackBerry Bold 9000.
The both phones which supported Facebook and chatting (eBuddy), was just equipped with camera VGA only.
The slot expansion memory of IMO G910 and IMO B9000 is up to 2GB.

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