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TV Cellular HiTech H36

HiTech H36TV Cellular HiTech H36

HiTech H36 has been released November 2008 and sold with price around 1,2 million rupiah. With that price you can enjoy the TV channel, because HiTech H36 is solemn cellular TV.

As TV cellular HiTech H36 can keep till 30 channels and can be also used to record live TV. Don't doubt to run out of storage, because HiTech H36 also provides slot microSD to add memory.

Besides TV, HiTech H36 is also provided with Radio FM that can accomodate 20 channels and can be also recorded. Later, camera also has been attached in HiTech H36.

There is interesting feature of HiTech H36 that is Magic Sound Call that can alter voice becomes children voice, adolescent, adult woman, man, etc.

HiTech H36 also equiped by protector feature like Encryption, Remote Ctrl and Anti Teft Trace.

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