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Comparison LG KS20 Vs Samsung i780

LG KS20Samsung i780Comparison LG KS20 Vs Samsung i780

From design face, Samsung i780 is leading in keybord QWERTY than LGKS20 whereas the design both are thin and slim.

The both cellular phone LG KS20 and Samsung i780 attached by camera 2 megapixel but unhappily Samsung i780 has not yet supported autofocus like LG KS20 has. But both have videocall.

Talking about processor, LGKS20 uses Qualcomm 400 Mhz whereas Samsung i780 use Marvell PXA3xx 416 Mhz but both use MS. Windows Mobile 6.0 Professionals as its OS.

About the price LG KS20 is cheaper than Samsung i780. Price LGKS20 around 3,7 million rupiah while Samsung i780 around 4,5 million rupiah.

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